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Welcome to the Riva Forum

Post your technical questions directly related to the Rivaforum here. We will do our best to respond to your questions in a timely manner.

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Welcome to the Riva Forum

Postby bbasler » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:18 pm

Welcome newly registered :)

When you login, you will see a series of links at the top of each page. The link, "User Control Panel" is where you will set some defaults for yourself, such as your avatar (small icon sized image associated with your online profile, your signature, and over information you care to share via your profile.

First, this forum is set to a "semi open" format. The public can view topics, and search topics, but they cannot reply to existing topics or post new topics. They cannot see any personal info regarding forum members. Even among registered members we maintain some form of privacy. The forum, for example, allows a member to email another member, with the forum itself taking care of this exchange. There are no visible email addresses here, which, in the event that a Spammer makes their way in, they cannot get to your email address.

At the top of the page you will also see a "Members" link. This does not look like much today, but as the forum grows to hundreds, or thousands of members, it is a good way to find one another.

The forum also allows for Private Messaging another forum member. You do this by visiting the "User Control Panel" link, then selecting the Private Message tab. You have an inbox here on the forum. You can receive messages to this inbox without touching your email. Private Messages tend to be between two parties only and cannot be seen by anyone else on the forum.

At the bottom left of the screen as you are browsing a specific topic, you will see a Bookmark link. This allows you to save books marks directly to a specific thread, much the same way you save bookmarks of web pages. You can view, edit, delete, and otherwise manage your bookmarks via the "User Control Panel."

Hitting just the high points here, as you create a post, or reply to an existing post, you will see that you have the option to attach a file. The "attach" option is immediately below the area where you type the body of your post message. The forum handles the upload, and will create a smaller version of the image that will be embedded in your message. If a viewer clicks on that large thumbnail, he/she will be taken to the original resolution version.

Again, hitting just the high points, you can create a poll with your message. I have created one here (above). You won't use polls that often, but if a need arises for you to take a vote on a topic, you have the means here. Just click the "Poll Creation" link immediately below the message body area. Follow the instructions. It couldn't be easier.

If you ever make a post and wish you had phrased something differently, or want to clean up typos, you can always click the "edit" link on the upper right corner of your posted message.

Re: Welcome to the Riva Forum

Postby skerska » Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:50 pm


Thank you for making me aware of the Riva Forum. It will be great to learn more about these iconic boats.

Warm greetings to all.

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