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Info 350 vs 454

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Info 350 vs 454

Postby Rickyrama » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:04 am

I have a technic question, is more powefull and quicker the 350 or the 454?? Because sometimes I heard that are equal, sometimes that are better the 350 and other times that are better the 454. The power is the same for both (350hp) but for the 350 at 4000 rpm while for the 454 at 4350 rpm. So are there other differences? And is true that one of these is better??
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Re: Info 350 vs 454

Postby martinfeletto » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:52 am

I'm not really sure of your question. In the US we speak about engines in terms of their cubic inches. A 350 cubic inch engine is a small block, while a 454cubic inch engine is referred to as a big block. Both Chevrolet blocks.

In terms of Riva Crusader engines - they are referred to by their horsepower, not cubic inches. 350 cubic inches Riva Crusader engines produced 260 horsepower from the factory, and 454 cubic inch engines produced 350 horsepower from the factory. While the 350 horsepower - 454 cubic inch engines weigh approximately 150 pounds more, their horsepower increase always led to more performance - thus the Super name in Riva boats fore those with the larger engines. Super Aquarama and Super Ariston.
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Re: Info 350 vs 454

Postby Rickyrama » Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:27 pm

Thanks, Martin you're great! You understood my question. (I'm sorry for my english!) Here in italy we don't speak about the inch of the block, in fact I never understood the meaning of number 454 because all the people told me that the crusader 454 is the same to crusader 350. But on the books I read that the two engines are both 6997cmc right?
Sorry again for my english, Ricky.
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Re: Info 350 vs 454

Postby Eric T. » Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:02 am

There is often confusion around this.

A Riva-Crusader 350 is a 7.4 liter motor...Rated at 350 Horse Power output. (approximatley 258 kW)

Sometimes, after years of use of the boat, there is a substitution of the monoblock assembly with a completely new monoblock. Often these new monoblock will have the inscription of "454" or "454XL" on them. 454 is the indication of Cubic Inch displaement... 454 inĀ³ = 7400 cc

A Crusader 454 or 454XL is also 7.4 liter motor rated at 350 Horse Power output. (approximatley 258 kW)

Both engines are basically the same... but will have different valve covers and cooler often.
They may have some different looking parts as the new engines receive some changes.

There are of course more technical details involved in the difference.. but I will remain with the basic information here.
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